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Brandevous rent a car management software is unique of its kind. Its a simple practical solution to manage the complete operations of the rent a car company.Our Software covers all aspects of the rent a car business starting from rent agreement to the generation of various MIS reports which can help the management to under stand about the performance of each cars. We provide comprehensive reports which can help the management to understand the performance of each fleet and take the necessary actioins.The major modules of the rent a car management software

  • Fleet Management
  • Customer Management
  • Driver Management
  • Agent Management (Commission Agents)
  • Rent Aggrement Open and Closing
  • Automatic Rent Calculation
  • Extra Mileage Calculation
  • Tracking Of fine,damage, fuel etc
  • Fine Management
  • Insurance Company Details
  • Accounts
  • MIS Reports
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The Health care industry is ever growing and a lot of technological updates are occurring daily. So it’s a must that software which supports the health care should be technologically sound enough to cater to the new challenges faced every day. We are very keen in providing robust efficient solutions to the health care industry. As a result of our experience and extensive market research we come to a conclusion that majority of the hospitals who use the existing softwares provided by different vendors is not satisfied completely. So there is always a space for a dynamic robust solution.
Features & Modules
Master Data Management, Doctors, Patient Data Management, Medicine Data Management, Out Patient (OP), In Patient (IP), Diagnosis, Pharmacy, Investigation, Administration and much more

CashTree-The Complete ERP
Cash Tree is complete inventory accounts management software that is very essential for each and every organization to maintain their stock and accounts. It helps in automating each and every aspect in an organization. This is suitable for single branch and multi branch operations. This takes care of all operation happening in the organization which includes purchase, sales, payroll and much more. Forecasting reports generated by Cash Tree helps the management to take firm decisions to be implemented for the future of the organization.

Jewellery Management System
We provide an affordable true Windows based program to fully manage every aspect of your Jewellary business. Pavanz does it all and make it easy. With a fast and easy use graphical environment, taking control of your business has never been so easy. Using detailed inventory, customer, vendor, and invoicing forms, you'll be able to manage your business and quickly find just the product your customers are seeking. The program handles inventory, customers, invoices, vendors with multifield search capability in all the data tables. 

School Management System
SMS is suited for educational institutes of all kinds like schools, colleges, universities and training centre’s. Use it to manage students, teachers, employees, courses and all the system and process related to running your institute efficiently. The main modules of the software are Student Management, Staff,Exam and Time table,Fees,Admission,TC,Library,Stores,Mess,Front office,Vehicle,ID Card Management,HR and Payroll,Attendance ,Events and activities and much more For More Details (Download brochure)

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