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E-Commerce Solutions & Websites

While planning to build an e-commerce site for your business, the first decision you need to take is the model that you would like to follow. E-Commerce implementation can be broadly categorized into two,

Custom Solutions hosted in-house
Third party hosted platforms

While both have their pros and cons, the choice is dependent on the kind of business and their specific needs. While the first model gives you complete control, second one spares you of the infrastructure requirements and you pay just for the usage of platform as a service.

We provide complete e-commerce solutions and strategy based on your specific requirements starting from recommending the right platform based on your preference and budget and implementing them at really affordable prices so that you can kick-start your e-commerce business with features including,
  • Web application integration
  • Multiple Payment gateways
  • Comprehensive security including SSL certificates
  • Shopping carts & Order management
  • Web based admin control panels
  • Social media store
  • Mobile enabled Site & Mobile e-Commerce apps
  • Inventory control,
  • Image zoom

And much more..

With our best digital marketing integrations and e-commerce solutions, you can now build your e-commerce business ready to go in no time.

Web Design & Development

Your website is the primary identity of your business on the internet and so you need to have a website that reflects your business in the best way possible. Also the website forms the crux of your business online since almost all your marketing efforts would be aimed at attracting your audience to your primary resource which is your website.

Since the website is the hub of your marketing strategy, it becomes really essential that it is optimized for marketability so that effort spent in attracting people to your business is materialized to the optimal level. It is like putting the wings in order before you go for a powerful engine.

Often you find businesses put a lot of emphasis on the aesthetics and visual appeal of their website without caring enough for the usability and marketability factors. The thing is a good looking website that doesn't sell is of not much use. So it is important that you maintain balance between the two sides while designing your website.

We build business websites that has the potential of generating revenue for your business. We work with all major open source platforms that are rich in their features and functionalities and are inherently optimized for marketing.
  • Business/Individual Blog sites
  • Corporate Flash Sites
  • Dynamic CMS Sites
  • Membership Sites
  • E-Commerce Sites

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