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Brandevous Solutions is a Dubai based firm providing a wide range of solutions in the digital media, ranging from Online marketing to custom solutions to businesses both local as well as global. We specialize in helping businesses and entrepreneurs to create their custom presence in the digital world and market their products and services by tapping the incredible potential and reach of the online media.

Brandevous Solutions was launched in April 2011 with the idea of helping businesses to understand and tap into the incredible potenital of the digital media. We do this by offering consultancy and services that will take care of all the digital requirements that businesses need in UAE. Our portfolio of products and services make us a single source for all digital solutions for businesses of every kind. We strategize, plan, execute and monitor customized online marketing programs by leveraging powerful new marketing platforms.

We have a team of competent and dedicated consultants and experts who are well versed with all the powerful digital media resources and platforms such as Search Engines, Social Media, Online video, Business Blogging, Mobile and so on. What makes our team unique is the fact that we possess a heady combination technical skills and marketing nous and are equipped with cutting edge tools and techniques to apply tailor made strategies for the business we deal with. We take pride in presenting ourselves as marketing consultants that provide true business value in the services that we offer.

The incredible surge of the Internet and online media has completely changed the dynamics of how businesses are seen and perceived by the audience at large. Gone are the days when only businesses with huge budget and influence with the media giants dominated the marketing space. Today any small business has at its disposal, access to the whole connected world which is about 75% of the world population. This levelling of the playing field has been the biggest contribtuion of the internet from a business perspective.

On the flip side is the fact that web is going more and more local and the reason being information that is presented to the users have to be relevant to them to make it dependable and handy rather than being a ocean of information with no utility. The way mobile media has gained clout and acceptance has just emphasised this fact. And so the new buzzword for businesses on the internet is to 'Narrowcast' and be focused on your target market. Technology and platforms are adapting themselves to this paradign shift and businesses need to do the same as well to be ahead in the race.


At Brandevous, our vision is to provide world class consultancy and services to business, that will give them competitive advantage by leveraging the potential and reach of the multitude of digital media and solutions by strictly adhering to a strong set of ethics, ideals and principles.


At Brandevous, our mission is to become a trusted authority in the digitial marketing and solutions space by constantly learning, adopting and implementing strategies and tactics using cutting edge edge tools and technologies that are the most suitable for the target market.
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